Royalty Free Music

Ever heard the term royalty free music and wondered what it meant? It’s no surprise that we love and enjoy our music, making music one of the top earning industries globally, . Our love for music dates very far back in history across all cultural groups. The presence music has in our day to day lives often goes by unnoticed and unappreciated. Stop and think about it though, Read more ›
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jPodder version 1.1 (Candidate) Released

New and improved! jPodder 1.1 is out. It’s a candidate, so you are on your own. (Not really). Please let me know if you run into problems. So what’s happening. While podcasting seems to converge towards a partially consumed treefruit, jPodder has been through a complete User Interface rebuild. Live and learn is what they, With SWT (That is a technical term, it means a programmers choice to a Software library for all litle UI controls like a button or a window), we have much better Browser integration. What you see in 1.1. is just the start. Now it’s time to introduce some nice cool new features. So please scream out your needs. Read more ›

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First Release candidate for jPodder 1.0

Hi, I am happy to announce that we have put up the win32 version jPodder 1.0RC1 on the download site.
We also have a forum dedicated for first use sharing.

Hope you will enjoy some of the new features: Read more ›

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