jPodder version 1.1 (Candidate) Released

New and improved! jPodder 1.1 is out. It’s a candidate, so you are on your own. (Not really). Please let me know if you run into problems. So what’s happening. While podcasting seems to converge towards a partially consumed treefruit, jPodder has been through a complete User Interface rebuild. Live and learn is what they, With SWT (That is a technical term, it means a programmers choice to a Software library for all litle UI controls like a button or a window), we have much better Browser integration. What you see in 1.1. is just the start. Now it’s time to introduce some nice cool new features. So please scream out your needs.

The focus is on user features which make podcasting more fun. 1.1 actually includes some new features like OPML import and export. (Use the opml files from podcast alley). Build in browser with quick access to podcastalley and pickle. (Sorry it seems we have problems with the ipodderx directory). We have a new player, which can be used with portable media players which show up as a drive letter. The player is Thumbdrive player. (An XML file is created which is used to synchronize the files). What else…Well we have a Feed reader functions which shows the basic podcast information and the syndicated news for it’ episodes. We also can open files based on their OS Association. (So if .mp3 is associated WMP, jPodder will try to open the file with this program).  Have fun and let know.

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