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Ever heard the term royalty free music and wondered what it meant? It’s no surprise that we love and enjoy our music, making music one of the top earning industries globally, . Our love for music dates very far back in history across all cultural groups. The presence music has in our day to day lives often goes by unnoticed and unappreciated. Stop and think about it though, we use music to celebrate holidays, comfort children, have fun on a night out, to commemerate our weddings…the list could go on and on. Whether it’s an old country tune, rock & roll, or something else,  we’re all out on the internet downloading our favorite songs.   But, what happens when you want to use music for a fundraiser, or as background music for a video you plan on uploading?  Yep, you run into licensing issues, and risk the wrath of the giant music companies.  There is a solution though. Many people are completely unaware of  it, and continue to pay an inflated fee for every song they download, every time they use it in a public venue.

What is Royalty Free Music?

More than likely you’ve heard a popular music track in the background of a radio commercial, TV show, or playing as background fill on a YouTube video. Each time a track is played, the user must pay a fee or royalty for that individual “performance”.
The idea with royalty free music is, as it’s name suggests, is that these individual royalties are eliminated altogether. So long as users pay the initial, one-time, fee and follow the rules established by the license, they are free to use it an unlimited amount times at a flat rate.   Aside from music, there are also royalty-free sound effects for use in venues like haunted houses, or perhaps to achieve a specific effect in a remix of music you’re producing yourself.

Who’s Going to Know if I just use a popular song?

Before the advent of the internet, this was probably a reasonable assumption.  However, the demise of albums and CD’s, and the rise of internet file sharing have drastically affected the way money moves around to both artists, as well as organizations like the RIAA.   They are now actively trying to find unauthorized use and demand payment…including filing lawsuits if they feel the need.  In fact, many of the processes are automated.  Upload a YouTube video and use a popular song as the background music, and you will, in short order, hear about it from YouTube.   Your best bet is to play it safe and just buy an inexpensive piece of music that’s royalty free.
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