jPodder is packed with cool features. It was among the first programs
to be created for podcasting and has been innovating evers ince.   jPodder is built with java technology. Java does not always have a good reputation when it comes down to desktop applications. It is however proven that cool Java applications are possible and this is what we have accomplished to a great extend. Here is an overview of the most important features.


  • Multi Platform program (Java based).
  • System tray (Minimize jPodder)to download in background).
  • UI Menu and popup menu’s.
  • Multi-Language

RSS Feed management

  • Add, Remove & Edit feeds.
  • Sort feeds by name
  • Move feeds up/down
  • View detailed Feed information.
  • Extended Feed information stored in easy XML format.
  • Extensive status bar.
  • Drag & Drop Podcasts link
  • Import & export feed list in OPML format
  • Synchronise Feed list with online synchronisation (OPML)
  • File association for One-Click subscription


  • Build-in browser with popular directories
  • Add feeds from transitr directory

RSS Feed reader

  • Read feed items.
  • Support for iTunes tags (Categories, Image, etc..)

Enclosure previewing

  • Preview  enclosures incl. name, date, size..
  • Show enclosure status(Downloaded, In player..)
  • Show previous downloads from this feed.
  • Highlights partial downloads.
  • Highlights previous downloads.


  • Scheduled downloads
  • Multiple simultaneous
  • Single enclosure download
  • Smart-Download, Downloads latest only.
  • Maximum downloads, Limiter to the number of downloads
  • Resume partial downloads
  • Automatic and Manual download retry
  • Feed Authentication
  • Proxy Server support (Including authentication)

Media Player Interface

  • Natively supports transfer to iTunes and WMP.
  • Player plugin facility.
  • MIME-Type association to plugin players
  • Native OS association


  • Color coded logging.
  • BitTorrent logging.